It's time for a sushi adventure!

The great thing about sushi is that it instantly turns any meal into an event. Date nights instantly become romantic adventures. Casual lunches feel like high-society dining. Even a Wednesday night at home starts to feel like some literary, introspective food experience once you order some take-out sushi. 

There's no shortage of good sushi options in Denver, no matter what your budget is. However, dining on the same rolls and nigiri can start to feel routine after a while. If you're done with California Rolls and Salmon Sashimi, here are five restaurants in Denver that you can visit to see some unique spins on sushi

Mizu Izukaya

Courtesy of Mizu Izukaya

Mizu Izakaya is a foodie's dream, featuring a cocktail menu that's just as quirky as its sushi list. From chrysanthemum sake to cocktails garnished with umami bitters, there's plenty of Instagram-able stuff. This extends to the sushi menu as well, which includes hits like a sweet potato tempura roll, and a California roll with baked lobster. 


Courtesy of Motomaki

Two words: sushi burrito. 

Motomaki's signature menu item completely rethinks the sushi formula by combing ingredients into big, burrito-sized rolls. You can both order off of their list of signature rolls, or get in touch with your foodie size and build your own. Our personal favorite is their Island Tuna Poke, which combines tuna, slaw, jalapenos, and spinach into a single massive, delicious roll. All of their menu items can also be served as a sushi bowl as well! 


Courtesy of Sushi-Rama

Okay, so conveyor belt sushi isn't anything new. In fact, it's one of the preferred forms of fast-casual dining in Japan (and parts of China!). However, seeing a fully functional sushi conveyer belt in Denver is a rare sight, especially one with this kind of selection! Don't feel like the quirky method of serving means you'll be getting a lower food quality either–all of the fish is sourced directly from high-quality suppliers in Japan. 

Temaki Den

Courtesy of Temaki Den

This sushi restaurant is about as no-frills as it gets, offering simple hand rolls in an incredibly minimalistic environment. Don't let that sentence scare you off–their menu absolutely rocks. Every item on their menu is carefully curated, and there's a surprisingly wide range of interesting sushi flavors, such as eggplant nigiri and wagyu sukiyaki. Although it's not sushi, the Yuzu Black Pepper Sorbet on their menu is absolutely worth a mention. 


Courtesy of Matsuhisa

When a sushi restaurant is simply named after its head chef, you know it's going to be a big deal. That's exactly what to expect at Matsuhisa, a high-end sushi experience where you can easily spend more than $500 in one sitting. The contents of Matsuhisa's menu offer a world-class fusion of Japanese and South American cooking, which manifests in dishes like yellowtail jalapeno sashimi and black cod miso. 

What are some of your favorite offbeat sushi restaurants? Let us know in the comments.