The 16th annual Denver Restaurant Week will be held from February 21 to March 1.

Get your stretchy pants ready, 'cause Denver Restaurant Week is back!

This local event not only showcases some of Denver's best restaurants and chefs, but it gives the public the chance to expand their palates and perhaps try new foods they may not have before, all at reasonable prices. Win-win! Each restaurant will offer multi-course dinners at three different price points—$25, $35, or $45.

The menus include hundreds of restaurants across the metro area. Now, we won't be listing every single restaurant menu ('cause ain't nobody got time for that!), but you can view all of the participating restaurants and their menus at Denver Restaurant Week's website.

Though, some of our favorites include Bacon Social House, Barbed Wire Reef, Ocean Prime, Old Major, Steuben's Arvada, and many, many more.

Officials also suggest that guests make reservations prior to attending.

Will you be participating in this year's Denver Restaurant Week? What do you think of the menus? Let us know in the comments below.