There's a good reason why many bridesmaid dresses go straight to Goodwill after the wedding.

As promised in a previous article, I'm going after the bridesmaid dresses of yore.

To date, I've been a bridesmaid once and the Maid of Honor twice, which means I'm no stranger to having to shell out a few hundred dollars for a gown that was chosen for me. Being in a bridal party is delightful and full of great memories with dear friends, but it's also a financial undertaking, particularly for a dress you normally only wear once.

Now, I've been blessed to have been able to re-wear my dresses since they were so dang pretty, but many of my fellow veteran bridesmaids out there can't say the same. Call it following the style of the era or a genuine desire to make your friends look ridiculous on your wedding day, but these dresses should have never been sewn.


vintage bridesmaid dresses

Every child bride needs her child bridesmaids. Ironically, these dress patterns are still popular in Utah.

vintage bridesmaid dresses

How nice, a parasol to smack the bride in the face for making you wear that acid trip of a dress!


1980s bridesmaids dress

Alright, I see what's going on here, the bride didn't want her girls tripping down the aisle and she wanted to keep sweat off their eyes when dancing at the reception. Function for the win!

bridesmaids dresses from 1980s

Ah, a collar that can double as a napkin! Wonder how much that saves at the reception venue?


1990s bridesmaid dresses

Can we all take a moment to appreciate the look of sheer elation on the bride's face?

1990s bridesmaid dresses

Ah, the Lolita look. When a grown woman wants to be sexy but gives off an air of childlike innocence. Not creepy at all!

Have a horror of a bridesmaid dress you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments!