The Force is strong with this one!

Baby Yoda has been on the front lines helping "fight" forest fires. News travels fast, but not as fast as Baby Yoda himself. He has traveled from fire camp to fire camp across multiple states, and he's not done yet. Baby Yoda is boosting morale and giving firefighters much-needed smiles.

This week, Baby Yoda visited Rocky Mountain National Park and the firefighters battling the Cameron Peak Fire.

Carver, a boy living in Oregon, was shopping with his grandma for supplies for the local firefighters. Carver chose a toy Baby Yoda and wrote an accompanying thank-you note to the firefighters working tirelessly battling forest fighters. Carver wanted the toy to bring a smile to the firefighters and to keep them company.

"Baby Yoda will do a terrific help in keeping your firefighters, pilots and EMT’s moral up. Yoda is also doing a terrific job with individuals all over the world in keeping them smiling. Great job Yoda and the young kido that felt Yoda would keep your spirits up😊😊."

What has transpired since then is nothing short of epic, thanks to social media. Baby Yoda has since traveled to help fight forest first in Oregon, California, Utah, and Colorado.

Baby Yoda has more than 25,000 followers waiting in anticipation for the next photo, video, or news of his travels. Follow his next move on his Facebook page, Baby yoda fights fires.

Baby Yoda is known for his starring role in the Star Wars Disney+ series, The Mandalorian. Season 2 is set to premiere on Disney+ on October 30.

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