In a stunning marketing move, the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon are opening their home, Highclere Castle, to two lucky guests through Airbnb.

On the surface, it looks like you can book a room at the castle, which is the real-life setting of the hit television show, Downton Abbey. On closer inspection, though, this is more of a contest to determine who are the biggest Downton fans of all time. Those folks will then win the opportunity to secure a booking at Highclere Castle for one night only, on November 26. 

According to Airbnb, the cost of the overnight stay will be $159 for the night, with the standard fees. The lucky guests will be treated to evening cocktails with the Earl and Countess, dinner in the formal dining room, and coffee in the famous library. They will be sleeping in one of the bedrooms off of the gallery and have a sumptuous breakfast the next morning. The visit will end with a guided, private tour and a personal gift from Lord and Lady Carnarvon.

Highclere Castle

The booking applications will be accepted starting October 1 on the castle's Airbnb listing page. In order to have a good chance, you'll need to have a compelling narrative ready, highlighting what makes you the biggest Downton Abbey fan ever. Naturally, you need to have a high rating as an Airbnb user, and if chosen, you should expect to abide by the house rules. Yes, you must dress for dinner!

chef, dinner

Don't despair if you don't win the booking; you can still visit the castle and even stay in the estate's lodges when they're available. This is the perfect tourist stop for any Downton Abbey fan if you find yourself in the English countryside. The seasonal house tours at Christmas look absolutely amazing.

Christmas tree, castle

For more information, visit the official Airbnb listing for Highclere Castle.

Are you going to be trying to win this coveted reservation? What makes you the world's biggest Downton Abbey fan? Are you planning to go see the long-awaited movie this weekend or purchase some of Highclere Castle's gin? Let us know in the comments!