Celebrity bookshelves give us insight into who they really are. 

It has become a kind of cult fascination for many of us during the pandemic to look at the bookshelves people have behind them on video calls and meetings. The New York Times has created the Celebrity Bookshelf Detective and gotten a closer look at what our favorite famous faces and minds are reading. And the Bookcase Credibility account on Twitter keeps a running and hilarious commentary about how the background bookcase relates to the credibility of that individual!

Take a look at some of our favorite bookcase backgrounds and what our favorite celebs are reading:

Paul Rudd seems well-rounded in his reading picks!

For some, the books are simply props.

Yo-Yo Ma reminds us celebrities are human too. 


Captain America does not need bookshelves to prove himself.

There is really no end to the joy that all the amazing, questionable, and just plain puzzling bookshelf setups that have been shared over the last few months have brought to the masses. What is the best bookshelf you have seen so far? What famous faces would you like to see share their bookshelves? Sound off in the comments.