Looking for ways to get the kids interested in cooking? CozyMeal has you covered with these pop-culture fan favorites.

Admit it. You’ve always wanted to sit down and enjoy a meal with your favorite TV and movie characters (or at least eat some of the same treats as them). Now you can do just that, and you even get to prepare it yourself with the help of an expert professional chef.

The online cooking class platform CozyMeal has introduced several cooking classes inspired by our favorite movies and TV shows. Whether it’s high tea, high society, or high-flying fun, these classes make a great family night activity or girlfriend get-together.    

The best thing about these cooking classes is that they are all online and fully interactive. You can take a class from the comfort and COVID-free safety of your own kitchen, as well as invite friends and family in other locations to join you.

Harry Potter

Courtesy of Harry Potter (Facebook)

It may not be the Great Hall (or even The Leaky Cauldron, for that matter) but now you can concoct appetizers for your next party, TV night, or Harry Potter movie marathon. The Quidditch Cup After Party cooking class features items like Slytherin spinach artichoke dip, Gryffin mix, mini Hufflepuff pastries, and hot Raven Claws (chicken wings) with blue cheese dip. Just don’t let the Nargles take all of your snacks.

The Crown

Courtesy of Wikimedia

Bring out your best china and teacups for The Crown-Themed Afternoon Tea Party cooking class. You’ll learn how to make three types of finger sandwiches: pimento cheese and ham, cucumber dill, and cranberry chicken, as well as lemon lavender scones. You’ll also learn proper afternoon tea etiquette and how to brew the perfect cup of tea. We suggest a tiara or fancy hat, but that’s entirely up to you.

The Mandalorian

The Out of This World Mandalorian-Themed Meal takes you to your favorite galaxy far, far away. Inspired by Grogu’s favorite foods, you’ll learn how to make bone broth from scratch and prepare grilled chicken “frog-leg” skewers, blue milk macarons, and blueberry jam.

There’s another Mandalorian-themed meal where you can prepare a Baby Yoda margarita, spicy galaxy guacamole with corn chips, and Baby Yoda deviled eggs (complete with green food coloring).

The Office

Take a trip to Dunder Mifflin and recreate Kevin’s famous chili in The Office-Themed Menu: Kevin’s Famous Chili. Participate in The Office trivia while you’re chopping ingredients and stirring the mixture into a tasty and hearty pot of chili.

Sex and the City

Courtesy of Wikimedia

Gather your girlfriends and throw on your favorite high heels. Fans of Carrie Bradshaw and the crew will enjoy the Sex and the City-Themed Sushi Night where you’ll learn how to slice tuna, roll a traditional rainbow roll, and shake the perfect cosmopolitan. Ingredients include sushi rice, ahi tuna, nori rolls, and edamame.

CozyMeal Online Cooking Classes

All online classes connect with the chef via Zoom on a computer, tablet, or Smartphone. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like. Classes range between $29 to $39 per device and last about 75 minutes.

Class size ranges between 4 to 20 connections for public classes and 498 for private classes, which makes this a great idea for office team-building exercises.

Classes are completely customizable, and ingredients can be adapted for dietary restrictions and allergies if needed. You’ll receive a full list of ingredients and kitchen equipment to be prepared for your class. All you need to do is be ready to have fun!

Have you taken any of CozyMeal’s movie-inspired cooking classes? Let us know in the comments.