While warmer temperatures are expected on Thursday, the weekend will see cooler temps and snowfall in the mountains.

Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts, folks. Two storms are getting ready to hit the Rocky Mountain region this coming weekend.

According to CBS Denver, the two snowstorms are "getting better organized" near Alaska and are expected to swing down to Colorado on Friday and last throughout the weekend, October 18-20. Though, how much snow will fall in the mountains is unclear at this time.

snowstorms colorado mountains this weekend

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The first storm will impact the mountain regions and higher peaks and passes, with snowfall likely to occur, but it'll be too far north to make any real impact on the Front Range. However, you may see some isolated rain showers pop up during the late afternoon into the evening throughout Denver and its surrounding areas.

The second snowstorm will also affect the mountain region, as heavy snowfall is expected on Saturday night into Sunday. For the Front Range, a snow or rain shower is also a possibility. Temperatures will drop, from the late-60s on Saturday to mid-50s on Sunday, however, it'll feel much colder due to gusty winds. The cool temps are expected to continue until Monday, with a high of 57 degrees.

snowstorms colorado mountains this weekend

Courtesy of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department (Twitter)

This news of more snow in Colorado comes after the recent snowstorm that occurred on October 10, which set a new record for the largest one- and two-day temperature swings for the month of October. The temperature dropped from 83 degrees on Wednesday afternoon to 19 degrees on Thursday morning. This record-setting storm also saw a ton of car accidents—more than 300 were reported in the Denver metro area and Aurora.

All of this snow is just the beginning for Colorado. It's predicted to be fairly cold and snowy this winter, according to the Farmers' Almanac, so please make sure you've got the proper winter attire, and bundle up. As we start to enter the snowy season, the Colorado Department of Transit (CDOT) is in need of more snowplow drivers. CDOT wants to add over 100 individuals to its snowplow driving team, and you could be one of them. Read more details about the hiring and application process here.

If you're planning on heading up to the mountains this weekend to get some skiing or snowboarding in, keep an eye on the forecast and plan accordingly. Trust us, it's not fun getting your car stuck in the snow.

What do you think of the upcoming snowstorms this weekend? Where do you like to shred some "pow-pow" in Colorado? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments below.