"Unprecedented times" call for unprecedented tree ornaments! wink

It's been a year—that's for sure! And if you're looking for a way to commemorate all you've (we've) been through, perhaps a 2020-themed Christmas tree ornament will do the trick! 

You're a survivor, after all. And come Christmas 2021 or Christmas 2022 when all of 2020 feels like a dream, you'll hang that 2020 Christmas ornament on the tree, and it'll all come roaring back. 


Let's get started, shall we?

Dr. Anthony Fauci

fauci ornament

Never in a million years could we have guessed that this guy would be adorning Christmas trees. (I didn't even know his name before March.) Buy your Anthony Fauci Christmas ornament on Amazon for $27.

Hand Sanitizer and Toilet Paper, Set of 3

toilet paper ornament

Nothing says 2020 like hand sanitizer and toilet paper! Find this set of three kitschy ornaments on Amazon for $38.95.

Carole Baskin and Joe Exotic of Tiger King

tiger  king ornament

No explanation needed. Buy them separately: Carole Baskin here, and Joe Exotic here. After all, they'd never be caught within six feet of each other.

Dumpster Fire

dumpster fire ornament

Because, not only was 2020 a metaphorical dumpster fire, but this summer, there were literally dumpsters on fire in our city streets. Buy it on Amazon.

Animal Crossing

animal crossing ornament

I think I speak for a lot of us when I say that Nintendo's timely release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons was key to getting us through the first lockdown. What better way to commemorate 2020? Plus, it's adorable. Find it on Etsy!

Kanye West for President

kanye west

We couldn't make this year up if we tried! Buy the Kanye West for President ornament for $14.99 on Amazon

Four Seasons Total Landscaping

four seasons total landscaping

OMG. Quite possibly the funniest thing that happened this year. Find it on Amazon!

Donald Trump

trump ornament

Trump supporters are die-hard, and if you're one of them, maybe an ornament in his likeness would be a fitting way to decorate your tree this year! Available on Amazon for $11.95.

The Grinch


There's no doubt: 2020 stunk! Find the Grinch ornament on Amazon for 13.99.


wild fires

We started out 2020 with bushfires in Australia. Then, this summer, it seemed that the entire western United States was on fire. Just one more way this year was so very tragic. Buy the wildfire ornament on Cafe Press.

I Survived the Great Toilet Paper Crisis

toilet paper ornament

Yeah, you did. #NEVERFORGET. Buy it on Amazon. 



Coronavirus: the man, the myth, the legend. Buy the ultimate coronavirus ornament on Amazon for $17.99.

More Tiger King!

tiger king ornament

The beauty in this Joe Exotic quote is that his words echo the way many of us feel after furloughs, pay cuts, and job losses suffered in 2020. We hear you, Mr. Exotic. We hear you. Buy it on Etsy.

Joe Biden

joe biden ornament

Ahhhh, such a great throwback to that contentious presidential debate! Buy your Joe Biden ornament on Amazon!

Among Us

among us christmas ornament

In light of the recent popularity of the Among Us game, we had to include this one. Pick your favorite color and buy it on Etsy!

Customizable Masked Family


These are available to be ordered in multiple family sizes, and you can write whatever names or messages you want on it to make it your own! Find it on Amazon for $9.99.

2020: 1/5 Stars, Wouldn't Recommend


No freaking kidding. Buy it on Amazon.


ruth bader ginsburg ornament

I'm not sure how she would feel about having her image made into a Christmas ornament, but the passing of feminist icon and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a really big deal. If you feel so inclined, head over to buy it on Amazon.

The One Where We Were Quarantined

friends 2020 ornament

This sweet ornament is Friends-themed (which we all love), but it does seem to understate the drama we've been through in 2020. Nevertheless, it may be exactly what you're looking for. Find it on Etsy.

Year to Forget


There are a lot of new words and phrases in our vocabulary, as 2020 completely upended our way of life. This ornament says it all. Buy it on Amazon.

The World Paused

the world paused

On the more serious side, it really was quite "unprecedented" the way that the world collectively paused in the face of a global pandemic. Buy this on Amazon

Sh** Show

shit show ornament

Nothing sums up 2020 as accurately as a sh** show. Buy it here.

The Face Mask


Perhaps the easiest way to commemorate 2020 is hanging a face mask on the tree and calling it a year. Write "2020" on it with a Sharpie, if you're ambitious.

Whew! There are 23 ornament ideas here, and we're exhausted, having just relived the entire year. Did we miss something? Have you seen a Christmas ornament that accurately portrays 2020? Share it with us in the comments!