They're a "Matcha" made in heaven!

Just in time for spring, Dunkin' is adding a pop of green to its menu with new matcha products. The coffee chain is rolling out two new items this week: the Blueberry Matcha Latte and Matcha Topped Donut. It's not the first time Dunkin has mingled with matcha; the original lattes debuted last year, but the fresh beverages were such a hit they're making a comeback for 2021.

So what is matcha? It's a powder made of finely-ground green tea leaves that are submerged in water or milk, as opposed to being brewed in a teabag. The kind Dunkin' is using comes from Japan's Aichi Prefecture, whose 800-year-long history producing it makes it unparalleled in terms of flavor and authenticity.

There's the Blueberry Matcha Latte, which centers blueberry and matcha flavors in a drink that can be customized according to one's milk preferences (the chain offers almond and oat milk now) as well as enjoyed frozen, iced, and hot. Joining the beverage is the Matcha Topped Donut, a classic glazed ring with a dusting of matcha on top. Besides the fact they're delicious, it doesn't hurt they're pretty good for you, too!


Courtesy of Dunkin'

“Expanding our line of specialty drinks with Matcha Lattes last year created a whole new way to stay energized and refreshed at Dunkin’," said Vice President of Marketing Jill Nelson. "This year, we’re featuring one of our most popular drink combinations alongside our new Matcha Topped Donut to give guests even more options for enjoying this bright and delicious flavor in a uniquely Dunkin’ way.”

Also, the chain is offering Stevia In The Raw packets to their sweetener lineup, as well as bonus points through the DD Perks app when customers buy a matcha latte through March 23. The bonus goes towards a free drink—talk about perks!

Whether enjoyed together or on their own, both products are a "Matcha" made in heaven that has us yearning for the warm months ahead. You can find them at your nearest Dunkin' starting Wednesday, February 24.

Any matcha addicts heading to Dunkin' this week? Tell us in the comments.