It's going to be hot, hot, hot, so cool off with one of these fun options!                

The DMV is experiencing a crazy heatwave this weekend that will give us temperatures over 110 degrees! Your first instinct might be to stay indoors (which we recommend!), but that can leave you a little hopeless and stir-crazy, too. That's why we did the dirty work for you and came up with a list of activities to help you stay cool this weekend! 

Check out our compiled list of ways to stay cool:

Go for Ice Cream.

We scream for ice cream! Who doesn’t love a good, cold ice cream on a hot day? It’s even better if it's indoors! The DMV has plenty of local and chain ice cream joints to visit – Ben and Jerry's is always a good option if there's one close to where you live.

In Ocean City, Maryland? Here's our list of favorite spots for cold dessert in OC.

If you're in the Hampton Roads, Virginia, area, consider Lolly's.

Or if you're in D.C., check out our list of favorite D.C.-area ice cream shops

Ice Cream Cones

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Go for a Swim

Whether you have a pool in your backyard or neighborhood, or you have to venture to your local rec center, swimming is the best way to cool off. 

Pool Floaties

Read a Book.

This is a great weekend to catch up on the reading you've been meaning to finish! Dust off the books on your bookshelf that you have been itching to read, and crack them open. Reading a book also means that you have an excuse to stay indoors, in the air conditioning!

Need some ideas? Here are five books you should read in 2019. And if you're a Harry Potter fan, don't forget there are four new stories!

Book and Coffee

Go to the Movies.

Going to the movies is always a fun activity because you have an excuse to pig out on candy, popcorn, and soda all while sitting in the air conditioning! There are plenty of great movies that premiered recently, including The Lion KingSpiderman: Far From Home, and Child's Play, so the theatres are packed with plenty of options!

Cinema Treasures

Visit a Museum.

This is a great family-friendly activity because it's either low-cost or free and provides plenty of artwork or history to look at! The DMV houses some great museums, such as The Chrysler Museum of Art in Hampton Roads, The Smithsonian Museums in D.C., and the Reginald F. Lewis Museum in Maryland!


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Go to a Water Park.

With wave pools, water slides, and tons of other attractions, visiting a water park takes swimming to a whole new level. Each city in the DMV has at least one water park nearby. Pack up a picnic lunch, slather on the sunscreen, and get thee to the nearest one! 

Ocean Breeze

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Get a Slurpee.

There's nothing more refreshing than a cold 7-Eleven Slurpee on a hot day! Slurpees are cheap, practical, and tasty, and there are dozens of flavors to choose from!


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Catch Up on Netflix.

This is the most obvious option and the safest. Now is the time to excuse yourself to the TV so you can binge-watch your shows or a few good movies. And when it comes to streaming, boy do we have some ideas for you!

Did you know that both Friends and The Office are leaving Netflix in 2020? Better get your fix now!

The third season of Stranger Things is out – and amazing!

Netflix has some great original movies out, like Always Be My Maybe and Then Came You. And here's a list of everything coming and going from Netflix this month.

Looking for some streaming ideas for HBO or Hulu? We've got a few there, too.

Living Room

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Whatever you decide to do, make sure you drink plenty of water and wear cool clothing! Take care of yourself!

How are you planning on staying cool this weekend? Did we get your favorite activity? Will you be staying indoors or outdoors? Tell us in the comments!